Selling Herb Grinders in Our Store

I have some friends who live in Colorado that started to smoke marijuana once it became legalized there. They were telling me about a website they found where they purchased a custom herb grinder. I thought this was intriguing and wondered if we could purchase some to sell in the local convenience store that they own. We talked this over for a few minutes and decided to run with it. They wanted me to visit the website and get all of the details about these grinders and report back to them with my findings. I happily accepted the challenge they laid out in front of me.

That very same night when I got home I sat down at my computer and started the research they were asking for. It was a whole lot easier and straightforward than I thought it was going to be. To start with, the most important part for me, I discovered that they offer a discount for bulk orders. This was perfect which means a bigger profit. They allow to completely design and customize these colors with different colors and adding your own text or pictures to the outside of them. I took very good notes with everything that I found out.

The next day, I placed a conference call with my friends and we all started discussing my research on the herb grinders. After I disclosed everything to them that I found out, it was a unanimous decision to move forward with our plans. We all contributed to the designs that we settled on. The ones we thought would be the best sellers. The order was placed and we now have to decide on how much we are going to sell them for. The bulk discount really helped out with our profit margin. I think we made the right decision.

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